4 - My faithful henchmen

Shaobaibai is frightened: the weird object has two arms, two legs; two eyes but only one nose. Meanwhile, Shu Chen has slipped on the muddy ground.
“Who are you?” asks Shaobaibai.
“Me? Nobody, sir. Just a husband taking care of his wife, who is giving birth in this dark alley…”
Shaobaibai heads down the alley without seeing the ‘husband’ picking up a club behind him. Assassin pick a club behind Shaobaibai

At that moment a firm voice attracts everybody’s attention:
“So, my faithful henchmen, has Shaobaibai, that little pest, been taken care of?”
This is Master Kuong Li, proudly stepping into the ambush, still dressed like a beggar. Master Kuong Li arrives

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